Our Mission

  • High standards in health, safety and environmental protection
  • The reliable supply of cost-effective products with high quality
  • Excellence in people and professional management
  • Corporate social responsibility

Our Vision

  • High standard in sustainable performance through subscription to Responsible Care
  • High reliability in the supply of quality products
  • Lowest competitive costt
  • Open, pro-active and adaptive cultureility

Our Core Values


Strong commitment to working together for mutual benefit and coordinated efforts


High ethical standards and business integrity, trustworthiness, dependability and reliability.


Excellence in all aspects of individual and organization performance.

Innovation and Creativity

Ability to come out with better ideas and solutions.

Open Communication

Recognising the diversity of nationalities working in our company and the Complex, open and free exchange of views and ideas is valued.

Our Responsibilities

PCS recognises the following 6 areas of responsibilities: