we are a major trading company in the Oil and Gas and Petrochemical  in world wide . we activity in three categories and we delivery this products in FOB or others place in world wide.

This company products are markets based on the three categories:

1- Oil products

2- Gas products( LPG, LNG,...)

3-Petrochemical products( LL, HD,...)


Scop export:

China, India, Uae, Turkey, Turkmenstan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Azarbayjan, Africa, Europe, Asia, etc



Product purchasing procedure from TIAC.CO: 

1- Sending letter of intent(LOI)by buyer

2- Quary of customer BCL by the seller

3- Providing SCO by the buyer and send specification

4- Verifying SCO by The buyer and specification

5- Contract between the seller and buyer

6- Opening L/C or submit B/G by buyer to seller

7- Fulfilment of purchasing steps and delivery product to customer

8- Delivery cargo and selling D/O between seller and buyer

9- Cargo clearance and bureaucratic measures  for financial process to pay contract price

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