Petrochemical Commercial Department  with more than  13 years of experience, is one of the supplier of Iran’s Petrochemical products to the international markets. It is also one of the major Middle-Eastern companies, which is involved in marketing and sales of petrochemical products to the domestic and overseas markets. Trying to expand its market presence through improving product quality and offering better services to meet customers needs and finally satisfying them are amongst PCC’s main objectives.PCC with  4 branch offices has started a new life under the title of "Trading Corporation".

The Trading International  Active Centennial TIAC.CO was established in 2004 with trading international in feild Oil products & Gas products & Petrochemical.

The company has considered supplying and delivering of needed consumers. At shortest time with competitive price and supers quality.

The Oil products department of TIAC.CO is ready to supply as follow.



  • Kind grad PP
  • Kind grad PVC/EPVC/PET/PET
  • Kind grad PA/POM/PC/PMMA
  • Kind of ABS
  • Additives for polymer
  • Kind grad masterbatch colour
  • Kind grad masterbatch additiver

Product purchasing procedure from TIAC.CO: 

1- Sending letter of intent(LOI)by buyer

2- Quary of customer BCL by the seller

3- Providing SCO by the buyer and send specification

4- Verifying SCO by The buyer and specification

5- Contract between the seller and buyer

6- Opening L/C or submit B/G by buyer to seller

7- Fulfilment of purchasing steps and delivery product to customer

8- Delivery cargo and selling D/O between seller and buyer

9- Cargo clearance and bureaucratic measures  for financial process to pay contract price

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